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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Karen claim was no accident?
(a) Working for Gould.
(b) Moving to California.
(c) Breaking her glass.
(d) Falling in love.

2. What does Fox want to do with Gould in Act One?
(a) Get a drink.
(b) Have a talk.
(c) Produce an indie.
(d) Carouse for starlets.

3. Under what circumstance would Karen have slept with Gould?
(a) If she got the greenlight for "Radiation . . ."
(b) If Gould had only asked.
(c) If they were engaged.
(d) If Gould would give her a pay raise.

4. What part of "Radiation . . ." has Gould read?
(a) The coverage.
(b) Two chapters.
(c) All of it.
(d) The beginning and the end.

5. Fox compares the movie business to what?
(a) A dying flower.
(b) A young girl.
(c) A new love affair.
(d) The four seasons.

Short Answer Questions

1. Karen claims that when people ask for a sign, they often realize what?

2. What is Karen's title at the beginning of the play?

3. Why does Gould insist on meeting with Ross instead of calling him?

4. Gould likes to believe people are what?

5. What does the movie star want from Fox?

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