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Objective: Reading a play is different from reading a novel, due to the structure of the piece. This lesson will analyze how character and dialogue are presented allowing for the reader to better comprehend the story told by Speed-the-plow.

1. Class discussion: What is the structure of Speed-the-plow? How are the characters developed? What is different about reading this play, as compared to reading a novel? How does the author use the dialogue of the play to clearly tell the story found in Speed-the-plow?

2. Group activity: Divide the class into pairs. Have each pair analyze the character descriptions found in the structure of Speed-the-plow and answer the follow-up questions. Each group will share their answer with the rest of the class.
- In Speed-the-plow how are the character descriptions presented?
- List five things character descriptions help the reader better understand about the story in Speed-the-plow. Cite examples...

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