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Celebrate Gould's Promotion

Find a gift to present to Gould to celebrate his promotion. Prepare an explanation as to why you chose the gift you did.

Batter Up!

Fox is out sick and you have been called in to help pitch either the prison film or "Radiation . . ." to Ross. Create a brief pitch to sell Ross on your movie idea using creativity in addition to the examples of the story found in the text.

Broadway Poster

Speed-the-plow is a famous play, written by David Mamet. Imagine you were commissioned to create the Broadway poster for the production. Construct either a full sized poster or rendering to present to the Broadway financiers.

Cast the Show

The original cast of Speed-the-plow has called out sick and you are responsible for finding replacements. Create a list of three actors for each role. Volunteers can share their cast list with the class...

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