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Chapter Abstracts

* Gould sits in his new office reading a play.

* Fox enters.

* Gould announces that he is slightly unhappy with his new position.

* Fox finds out the production terms of Gould's new position as Head of Production.

* Fox pitches an idea to Gould, which Gould quickly interrupts.

* Gould expresses hurt that Fox is not there to congratulate him and dismay that everyone wants something produced.

* Once Fox congratulates Gould, Gould hears his pitch.

* Picking up the phone, Gould sets a meeting to pitch the project to the head of the studio.

* Worried that Gould will betray him, Fox reminds Gould of his loyalty.

* The men discuss their friendship and history together as they wait for the meeting.

* The studio head reschedules the meeting for the next day.

* The men discuss the money they will make if this film is produced.

* Fox takes a look at what Gould is...

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