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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tutor looks like the French actor Max Linder?
(a) A Greek spelling teacher.
(b) A Russian literature tutor.
(c) A graduate student.
(d) A polish medical student.

2. Who does Nabokov meet at the age of sixteen?
(a) A young girl named Colette.
(b) His cousin, Yuri.
(c) A young girl named Tamara.
(d) His youngest brother.

3. What is the last Nabokov hears of Lenski?
(a) He owns a restaurant in Dublin.
(b) He is scrapping by, selling painted seashells on the Riviera in France.
(c) He is working as an actor in London.
(d) He is a professor at the University of Paris.

4. Of what are Nabokov's memories in a Russian setting?
(a) A quite French childhood.
(b) A quite German childhood.
(c) A quite Russian childhood.
(d) A quite English childhood.

5. Though he is an excellent teacher to the Nabokov boys, what does Lenski find difficult?
(a) Teaching the boys to be well-behaved.
(b) Making his lessons interesting.
(c) Teaching the boys mathematics.
(d) His own studies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two events that Nabokov remembers watching outside his mother's window?

2. Who is their first spelling tutor?

3. What is Lenski's idea for the use of Magic-Lantern Projections?

4. What is Nabokov's favorite medium?

5. What precaution does Nabokov's father take?

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