Daily Lessons for Teaching Speak, Memory: An Autobiography Revisited

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Objective: The Foreword and Chapter One's theme is the nature of memory, which Nabokov describes as brief flashes of light between expanding darkness. This lesson will discuss this theme and the metaphors for this concept.

1) Class Discussion: What is the theme found in Chapter One? What are metaphors for this concept?

Small Group Activity: Do you agree with Nabokov's belief that before and after life is nonexistence? Why or why not?

Class Debate: Split the class and debate Nabokov's belief about nonexistence.

Homework: After knowing how Nabokov feels about human existence before and after life, as well as in between memories, what have you learned about the importance of the autobiography? Use information from the text to support your response.


Objective: In the Foreword and Chapter One, Nabokov's description of memory is more of a collection of distinct moments than a careful study of his life...

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