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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the first colonists on Lusitania?
(a) Catholic-Italian
(b) Catholic-Irish
(c) Catholic-Spanish
(d) Catholic-Portuguese

2. What are the observers not allowed to do to the piggies?
(a) Influence their development
(b) Talk to them
(c) Touch them
(d) Hunt them

3. Who insists that Ender should let Grego go?
(a) Quara
(b) Novinha
(c) Quim
(d) Ela

4. What stranger does Novinha find at her house?
(a) The major
(b) The Bishop
(c) Ender
(d) Valentine

5. What does Ender's book say about the Buggers?
(a) They are harmless.
(b) They are more advanced.
(c) They are more intelligent.
(d) They are dangerous.

6. What is Ender's job?
(a) University lecturer
(b) Scientist
(c) General in the army
(d) Lawyer

7. What is Ender talking about with his students?
(a) The Boer War
(b) The History of Earth
(c) The Bugger Wars
(d) Anarchy

8. What is the name of Ender's sister?
(a) Freda
(b) Valentine
(c) Jane
(d) Marie

9. What is Pipo's job?
(a) A merchant
(b) A lawyer
(c) A doctor
(d) A scientist

10. Who is the first character that Libo and Novinha find dead behind the fence?
(a) Ender
(b) Human
(c) Pipo
(d) Rooter

11. Whose death has Jane investigated?
(a) Valentine's
(b) Libo's
(c) Pipo's
(d) Rooter's

12. What may the humans do to the piggies?
(a) Talk to them
(b) Observe them
(c) Feed them
(d) Pet them

13. Why does the hive queen want Ender to go to Lusitania?
(a) To find a wife
(b) To release her
(c) To live freely
(d) To become leader of the Hundred Worlds

14. What does Libo explain to Rooter?
(a) The relationship between men and women
(b) The laws of the land
(c) Religion
(d) The relationship between men and animals

15. How many months pregnant is Valentine?
(a) Seven months
(b) Nine months
(c) Eight months
(d) Three months

Short Answer Questions

1. What other name do the colonists use to refer to the piggies?

2. In what room does Novinha try to find peace?

3. What does Ender threaten to revoke?

4. About whom is the school mistress worried?

5. What does an xenologer study?

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