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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does an xenologer study?
(a) Plants
(b) Trees
(c) Aliens
(d) Stars

2. With which of Novinha's children is Ender laughing?
(a) Ela
(b) Grego
(c) Quim
(d) Miro

3. Who are the first colonists on Lusitania?
(a) Catholic-Spanish
(b) Catholic-Portuguese
(c) Catholic-Irish
(d) Catholic-Italian

4. How do the children's relationship with Ender change at the end of the chapter?
(a) They begin to trust him.
(b) They hate him.
(c) They see him as their new father.
(d) They begin to listen to him.

5. Who does Ender's student tutor?
(a) Valentine's husband
(b) Novinha's children
(c) Ender
(d) Valentine's children

6. To whose house is Libo taken?
(a) The major's
(b) The arbiter's
(c) Pipo's
(d) Novinha's

7. Who does Valentine welcome into her house while Ender is away?
(a) Ender's student
(b) Ender's wife
(c) Ender's children
(d) Novinha

8. Which of the following characters have not been killed?
(a) Marcao
(b) Pipo
(c) Libo
(d) Novinha

9. What does Novinha try to convince Ender to do?
(a) Make a cup of coffee
(b) Leave
(c) Stay
(d) Cook dinner

10. What may the humans do to the piggies?
(a) Pet them
(b) Feed them
(c) Talk to them
(d) Observe them

11. What is the name of the book Ender wrote?
(a) Hive Queen and the Hedgemon
(b) A New Planet a New Day
(c) The Good, the Queen and the Baddies
(d) Death to the Royals

12. What do the colonists call the alien race?
(a) Buggers
(b) Piggies
(c) Coopers
(d) Duckies

13. Where does Jane want Ender to go?
(a) Trondheim
(b) Hyperspace
(c) Lusitania
(d) Mars

14. What does Ender make a list of the next morning?
(a) Everything he needs to know about Marcao
(b) His top ten alien species
(c) Everything he needs to know about Libo
(d) Who he wants to kill

15. Who does Libo care for at the arbiter's house?
(a) His grandmother
(b) His father
(c) His sister
(d) His mother

Short Answer Questions

1. What has caused Ender to stay looking so young?

2. What is the youngest child trying to take apart?

3. What is Zenador?

4. Whose death has Jane investigated?

5. Why does Novinha escape from the mayor?

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