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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Ender's student tutor?
(a) Valentine's husband
(b) Ender
(c) Novinha's children
(d) Valentine's children

2. What are the observers not allowed to do to the piggies?
(a) Hunt them
(b) Talk to them
(c) Touch them
(d) Influence their development

3. How old is Novinha?
(a) 17
(b) 12
(c) 15
(d) 13

4. What kind of scientist is Pipo?
(a) A biologist
(b) A xenologer
(c) A xenophone
(d) A xenochemist

5. What is Ender talking about with his students?
(a) The Boer War
(b) The History of Earth
(c) The Bugger Wars
(d) Anarchy

6. What is the name of Ender's sister?
(a) Freda
(b) Jane
(c) Marie
(d) Valentine

7. What is the name of Pipo's son?
(a) Richard
(b) Jobo
(c) Lonny
(d) Libo

8. Who does the youngest child injure?
(a) A priest
(b) A nun
(c) The Bishop
(d) Another child

9. What is Zenador?
(a) A shopping mall
(b) Congress
(c) A city square
(d) A station

10. With which of Novinha's children is Ender laughing?
(a) Grego
(b) Quim
(c) Miro
(d) Ela

11. Who does Maraco beat in the episode?
(a) Novinha
(b) Ela
(c) Grego
(d) Quim

12. Why can Novinha not marry Libo?
(a) He is a homosexual.
(b) He is already married.
(c) He is a piggy.
(d) He cannot see the files.

13. On what rules is Lusitania strict?
(a) Criminals
(b) Tourists
(c) Aliens
(d) Immigration

14. What does Ela want to reveal about her father?
(a) His genuis
(b) His humor
(c) His kind side
(d) His cruel side

15. What is the youngest child trying to take apart?
(a) A candle holder
(b) The altar
(c) A pew
(d) A table

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ender's job?

2. In what room does Novinha try to find peace?

3. What has caused Ender to stay looking so young?

4. Which of the children loves his/her father?

5. Why must Ender leave Valentine at home?

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