Speaker for the Dead Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How was present day Lusitania formed?

The planet of Lusitania was discovered and a colonized in1830, shortly after the formation of the Starways Congress. Catholic-Portuguese colonists settle on the planet and discover a new alien race that they name porquinhos or piggies.

2. How do the colonists treat the piggies?

Due to the past destruction of the alien race known as the Buggers, the Starways Congress sees the piggies as an opportunity at redemption. They order that the alien race may be observed but the observers are in no way to disturb or influence the piggies' development.

3. Why is the prologue important?

The prologue is important because it establishes the main characters, the colonists of Portuguese descent who participate in the Catholic religion, and the piggies, a new alien race.

4. Why is it important that the author introduces the alien race in the prologue?

It is important the author introduces the alien race because it is the first alien race the humans have come into contact with since the extermination of the Bugger race several thousand years before.

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