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Starways Congress

The government that rules all the Hundred Worlds.

Hundred Worlds

The collection of planets that humans have come to inhabit since the overcrowding of Earth.


This is the computer network that connects all the Hundred Worlds to each other and the Starways Congress.


An alien race the humans come into contact with during the overcrowding problems on earth.


An alien race discovered on the planet, Lusitania.

The Fence

A barrier between the forest where the piggies live and the colony where the humans live to prevent the humans from influencing the piggies' culture.


They are scientists who study alien races including the piggies.


They study the biology of new planets.

The Hive Queen and the Hegemon

It is a book written by the first Speaker for the Dead that details the buggers as an intelligent alien race capable of compassion. This...

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