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Tourist Brochure

Design a tourist brochure to market the planet of Lusitania.

Front Cover

Design a front cover for the book including a blurb.

500 Words

Write the story into 500 words.

Comic Strip

Choose one of the chapters in the novel and adapt it into a comic strip.

Character of the Story

Choose one of the characters in the story and write a short story based around the character.

The Ender World

Using the other books in the series, draw a map of Orson Scott Card's world and outline the world's history.

Design your Own Planet

Design your own world, thinking about the world's history, people and environment.

Speaker for the Dead

Choose a dead celebrity and write what they want to say to the world from beyond the grave.


Find a partner and choose a subject from the book to research. It can be a character or...

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