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• The planet of Lusitania is discovered.

• Shortly afterwards the Catholic-Portuguese colonists settle on Lusitania.
• The Catholic Portuguese colonists discover a new alien race they call the piggies.

• The piggies are seen an opportunity for redemption and the Starways Congress order the race to be observed but not disturbed.

Chapter 1, Pipo,

• Pipo returns to his station to find the headmistress of the school waiting to talk to him.

• The mistress is concerned about a girl called Novinha who want to take a test to become a xenobiologist. The mistress wants Pipo to make sure the girl is ready for such a large responsibility.
• Pipo meets Novinha and decides she is ready to take the test.

• Pipo, his son, Libo, and Novinha become very close. One day they find the piggy, Rooter, mutilated behind a fence, a tree growing from his chest.

• Novinha shows Pipo evidence that the planet's...

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