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1. What is Melinda's state of mind on the first day of high school, and how do the students on the bus treat her?

It's Melinda Sordino's first day of high school. She boards the school bus with a stomachache and a sense of fear. Her friends from middle school glare at her and she finds a seat by herself.

2. What are some names Melinda comes up with for groups of students in the auditorium, and to what group does she belong?

Melinda privately gives names to all the groups of students - Jocks, Country Clubbers, Suffering Artists, Goths, Cheerleaders and so on. Melinda is all by herself, an outcast.

3. How does Melinda's former friend Rachel respond to Melinda in "First Marking Period"?

Melinda hears a bunch of kids laughing and knows they're laughing at her. She turns around to see her ex-best friend, Rachel, among them. Rachel mouths the words "I hate you."

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