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First Marking Period (through page 14)

• It's Melinda Sordino's first day of high school, and she boards the school bus with a stomachache and a sense of fear.

• Her friends from middle school glare at her and she sits alone.

• None of her friends are speaking to Melinda anymore. Melinda hears a bunch of kids laughing and know they're laughing at her.

• Melinda's best friend, Rachel, mouths the words "I hate you" to Melinda.
• Melinda gives nicknames to most of her teachers.

• Melinda is harassed in the cafeteria and flees into the halls, where Mr. Neck gives her a demerit for being in the halls without a pass.

• Melinda arrives to art class and finds a sanctuary in the class and teacher.

• Melinda thinks the art teacher is weird, but she likes him.
• Mr. Freeman, the art teacher, has each student pick a paper from a broken globe that...

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