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John Casey (novelist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Dick say he learned about Elsie's pregnancy?
(a) He heard it at the Neptune.
(b) Parker told him.
(c) He heard Elsie and Mary talking.
(d) Schuyler told him.

2. Why is Dick angry at Parker?
(a) For cutting him out of the cocaine money.
(b) For mistreating the Vietnamese family.
(c) For stealing his lobster pots.
(d) For flirting with May.

3. Why did Elsie borrow the money for Dick from her brother-in-law instead of Miss Perry?
(a) Miss Perry changed her mind.
(b) Miss Perry and Elsie had a fight.
(c) Miss Perry was too depressed to be coherent.
(d) Elsie's brother-in-law didn't charge interest.

4. What does Tran's father hound Dick about?
(a) The weather.
(b) Going out on the Spartina.
(c) Tran's payment.
(d) The family's living conditions.

5. Where does Dick meet with his family after the hurricane?
(a) Elsie's house.
(b) Eddie's house.
(c) Miss Perry's house.
(d) The Neptune.

6. Which of the following does Dick NOT battle with in Chapter 36?
(a) His boat.
(b) His inner self.
(c) Parker.
(d) The weather.

7. What does the boatyard manager exclaim when he first sees Charlie's boat?
(a) That the best you got?
(b) Jesus H. Christ.
(c) Now, that's a boat.
(d) Holy shit.

8. Where does Elsie offer to go with Dick?
(a) To Maine.
(b) To the Neptune.
(c) To Boston.
(d) To check lobster pots.

9. What does Dick think will be the new driving force for his life?
(a) A new truck and another boat.
(b) A new job and selling his boat.
(c) A new house and another boat.
(d) A new baby and another boat.

10. What is ruined on the trip getting Dick's boat to the boatyard?
(a) A portion of May's garden.
(b) A mailbox.
(c) Some street signs.
(d) The side of a car.

11. What does Elsie show to Dick?
(a) Her enlarged stomach.
(b) Her new Blackberry.
(c) Old journals.
(d) Plans for a house.

12. What appears very green to Dick as he surveys the aftermath of the hurricane?
(a) The nearby boats.
(b) The sea.
(c) The color of the sky.
(d) The spartina.

13. Why does May want the money from Dick?
(a) To buy a birthday gift for him.
(b) To bake holiday foods.
(c) To buy a coat.
(d) To have a beauty treatment.

14. What is Eddie concerned about after being with Dick?
(a) Dick's dark mood.
(b) Dick's physical health.
(c) Whether Dick's boat is seaworthy.
(d) Dick's affair with Elsie.

15. Where does the note tell Dick to go?
(a) Elsie's house.
(b) The Wedding Cake.
(c) Eddie's house.
(d) The Neptune.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Dick long to be for some stability in his life?

2. Dick decides that if something had to be damaged in the storm he would prefer it to be _________________.

3. Who has repaid Elsie's brother-in-law?

4. Which of the following does Dick NOT plan to do with May tonight?

5. Which of the following is NOT true as Chapter 46 begins?

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