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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Horatio insist happen to Andrea's body after his death?
(a) He insisted that the body be burned in a pyre on a ship.
(b) Nothing, He doesn't believe Andrea is dead.
(c) He insisted that the body be left on the battlefield.
(d) He insisted that the body be brought back for a respectful burial.

2. How do the king and his people celebrate their victory in the battle against Portugal?
(a) With a ball.
(b) With a new war.
(c) With a feast.
(d) With a parade.

3. Which of the following characters is not present when a general reports to progress of Spain's war with Portugal in Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Hieronimo.
(b) Don Pedro.
(c) The Spanish king.
(d) The Duke of Castile.

4. When Pedringano says he does not know whom Bel-Imperia is in love with, how does Lorenzo respond?
(a) He draws his sword.
(b) He drops the subject.
(c) He sighs in frustration.
(d) He begins crying in despair.

5. Why is Andrea told he is brought back from the underworld?
(a) To see how to write a play.
(b) To see revenge taken on the man who killed him.
(c) To kill his best friend.
(d) To understand the hatred of humanity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who took Balthazar prisoner during the battle between Portugal and Spain?

2. What does Alexandro tell the viceroy about Balthazar?

3. Who is Pedringano?

4. In Act 1, Scene 5, how does Revenge respond to the Ghost's question about why he's being made to sit through a celebration of the man who killed him?

5. As Bel-Imperia and Horatio return to the banquet after their private conversation, where does Lorenzo say Horatio's soul is headed soon?

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