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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of a character is Creosote?
(a) A generous one.
(b) A poor one.
(c) A pompous one.
(d) A mean-spirited one.

2. Where does Conina demand that the genie take them?
(a) Plaza of Broken Moons.
(b) Ankh-Morpork.
(c) Quirm.
(d) The Library.

3. What battle cry does Nijel call out when he enters Seriph's harem?
(a) "Prepare to die."
(b) "Sorry to bother you."
(c) " The wizard and I have come."
(d) "Erm, excuse me."

4. What are the Mage Wars?
(a) When the wizards fought the sourcerers.
(b) When the wizards fought each other.
(c) When the wizards fought the gods.
(d) When the wizards fought the giants.

5. What objects do Rincewind, Conina, Nijel, and Creosote find in the secret room of the treasury room?
(a) A magic lamp and magic ring.
(b) A magic diamond and a magic necklace.
(c) A magic lamp and a magic necklace.
(d) A magic ring and a magic diamond.

6. What is the barbarian hero wearing that Rincewind questions?
(a) Mammoth slippers.
(b) A corduroy jacket.
(c) Woolly underwear.
(d) Suspenders.

7. Why does RIncewind believe that the hat won the war?
(a) The water in the river is rising.
(b) Another tower is being built.
(c) The wizards are all gathered at the base of the tower.
(d) The magic seems to have stopped.

8. Where does Rincewind decide to go after the angered outburst over the Circle Sea?
(a) Back to find Conina.
(b) To the tavern.
(c) In search of Luggage.
(d) Home.

9. Once in the harem, what does Creosote ask Conina to do?
(a) Marry him.
(b) Kiss him.
(c) Feed him.
(d) Tell him a story.

10. What follows Spelter to the Library when he goes to speak to the Librarian about what Coin said to do with the books?
(a) A cat.
(b) The orangutan.
(c) A carpet.
(d) The staff.

11. What is happening with the magic at the University now that Coin has enhanced it?
(a) It never stops, so it is not always positive.
(b) The wizards want to use more and more of it.
(c) There is too much, so it is always negative.
(d) Coin puts a hold on it temporarily.

12. What two creatures try to attack Luggage on separate occasions?
(a) An asp and a crocodile.
(b) A baboon and a skunk.
(c) A basilisk and a chimera.
(d) A rhinoroo and a kangasourous.

13. What does Conina do to Rincewind when he starts to tell Nijel about her father?
(a) She tells Nijel her father is a famous knight.
(b) She kicks him.
(c) She holds her hand over his mouth.
(d) She interupts the conversation.

14. What is happening to the stones of the tower as Rincewind, Conina, Nijel, and Creosote are leaving the secret room?
(a) They are moving upward.
(b) They are collapsing inward.
(c) They are disappearing.
(d) They are crumbling to ash.

15. What do Conina, Rincewind, and Nijel do when the wizards respond to Abrim and the hat?
(a) They run.
(b) They fight.
(c) They take The Hat.
(d) They hide behind The Hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Nijel's blade stick when he fights with the guards?

2. What confession does Creosote tell Nijel and Conina?

3. What is the reason the genie gives for not knowing where he is when he comes out of the lamp?

4. How does Nijel react towards Conina after first meeting her?

5. What challenge does Abrim with the hat give to the wizards?

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