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Unseen University

This is home to the Wizards.

Archchancellor's hat

This is the item that so many covet. It runs from the sourcerer fearing that it will be too powerful in his hands.


This item has a quest of its own as it gets separated from its master.

Flying Carpet

This item is found in the Treasure room and used by RIncewind who is the only one who can control it.

The University Library

This place holds the knowledge of past wizards as well as a door to other dimensions.

Magic Lamp

This item is found in the Treasure room and is used by Creosote, Nijel, and Conina when they travel from the beach.


This is the power that controls Coin.


This is where the Unseen University is located.

The Mended Drum

This is a bar that boasts being the most reputable disreputable tavern.

The Shades

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