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Lesson 1 (from Page 1-53)


Page 1-53

The opening of the book begins with the story of the eighth son of the eighth son of a wizard becoming a sourcerer. The objective is to decipher the genre of the story. Fantasy encompasses novels which deal with the fantastical: faraway places, mystical lands, and fictional creatures. Most fantasy novels contain elements of magic.


1. Class Discussion: What does genre mean? What are the genres of literature? What genre does this novel fall under? Why? What are the fantastic places? Is there magic? Are there fictional creatures?

2. Partners: Using the text, find 10 quotes that show that the genre of the novel is fantasy. Find for each element of the fantasy novel: character, places, mystical lands, magic.

3. Individual Writing: How does the opening of the novel set it up as being fantastical? What elements of magic are involved? What is Discworld like? What characters...

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