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Essay Topic 1

What role does Death play in the novel? What about him is typical of the Death character as seen in other literature, and what is different?

Essay Topic 2

War, Famine, and Pestilence are personified in the novel. What is their role in the novel? Why does Pratchett personify them?

Essay Topic 3

"It is a well-known established fact throughout the many-dimensional worlds of the multiverse that most really great discoveries are owed to one brief moment of inspiration." Explain Terry Pratchett's philosophy in regard to this quote and how the great discovery did or did not work in Discworld.

Essay Topic 4

Critics have said that the novel is humorous. What does Pratchett make fun of? What is his point in poking fun? Does the humor enhance the storyline?

Essay Topic 5

The character of Creosote is round yet static. Explain how Creosote is described using both direct and...

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