Sourcery Character Descriptions

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This character is naturally a coward and wants desperately not to have anything to do with the Archchancellor's hat or the sourcerer.


This character is the eighth wizarding son of the eighth wizarding son.


This character wants to be a hairdresser but instead is crucial in the quest.

Ipslore the Red

This character places his soul in the staff that he gives to his son in order to cheat death and ruin the Unseen University.


This character dies trying to get information that would keep others safe.

Nijel the Destroyer son of Harebut the Mighty

This character fights in the quest as a barbarian with a book of rules.

The Librarian

This character is the true heart and soul of Discworld because he is the one who makes everything as right as it can be in the end.

Lord Vetinari

This character is turned...

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