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• The Sound and the Fury is a novel in four parts, set in a fictional county in Mississippi and depicting the decline of a dysfunctional Southern family.

• Jason Compson is a caring father, while Caroline is too self-absorbed to have any time for her children.
• Caroline's brother Maury is a poor businessman that makes unsuccessful investments, usually with money he borrows from other people.

• The youngest child, Benjy, is mute and severely retarded.
• As a young child, Benjy's world revolves around his sister Caddy, the only one of his siblings who shows him love.

• As Caddy matures, however, her promiscuity leads to her pregnancy and eventual marriage to a wealthy banker.
• When the banker finds out that he is not the father of Caddy's child he divorces her, bringing shame on her family and costing her brother Jason a promised job.

• Quentin is a romantic and sensitive...

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