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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charles carry with him on his trips into nature?

2. Where did David's father go the morning that David went to camp?

3. What is the reason given in the note for David's kidnapping?

4. What is kidnapper's reason for taking his victim?

5. What ceremonial clothing does Charles bring for the event to take place in Section 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Katsuk feel the need to keep his hatred pure?

2. How does Katsuk rationalize David's loss of innocence to fit his agenda, and how does that make David feel about what took place with Tskanay?

3. Katsuk is longing for a sign from the spirits. How does he feel about David's spirit dream? Why? What does Katsuk take as a sign, and what does he do once he has received that sign?

4. Describe the efforts undertaken by Charles to avoid capture.

5. Do you think Charles has a legitimate point about the treatment of the Native Americans, despite his poor choice of solutions?

6. In Section 2, what is Katsuk's motivating factor for leaving the forest?

7. Even though he is under intense stress and pressure, what does David do in Section 5 that gives a reader a picture of how he is handling his kidnapping?

8. What risky move does David make that earns Katsuk's admiration?

9. What methods does David use in an effort to help guide the rescuers toward him?

10. Why does David begin collecting pebbles, and why does it anger Katsuk?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

David finds himself feeling a spiritual connection with Katsuk. He is disturbed and troubled by the kinship he feels with the madman. Why do you think David feels this kinship with Katsuk? Why is he so disturbed by it? Do you think this spiritual connection has anything to do with his faith that Katsuk won't kill him? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

David makes several escape attempts, but none of them are successful. Why do you think he fails in all of them? Do you think he really wants to escape, or do you think his subconscious enables his capture? Why? Choose one escape attempt and outline what David does to try to escape, how he gets caught, and why you think he gets caught. Be as detailed as possible, using examples from the book to illustrate your point.

Essay Topic 3

David's character begins as an innocent, privileged boy excited about his opportunity to go to camp. By the end, he reminds one of a jaded, confused adult with too much on his shoulders. Outline David's changes step by step throughout the novel, culminating in the role reversal where David is taking care of Katsuk. Be sure to cite examples from the novel.

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