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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cleaver think Lyndon Johnson fears?
(a) Youth
(b) The black revolution
(c) The truth
(d) The elder generation

2. What does Cleaver say a black man was willing to do for his white master?
(a) Pick cotton all day
(b) Give up his woman
(c) Destroy his own race
(d) Die

3. What does Cleaver say the new left and the new right are the result of?
(a) The Negro Revolution
(b) The Vietnam War
(c) The sixties youth
(d) World War II

4. What does Cleaver say lower class people think they have been robbed of?
(a) Their minds
(b) Their money
(c) Their freedom
(d) Their power

5. What does Cleaver say he has considered running for?
(a) Leadership of the Nation of Islam
(b) Senator
(c) President
(d) Mayor

6. Which of the following does Cleaver not attribute to helping to bridge the racial gap?
(a) John F. Kennedy's election to president
(b) The introduction of the twist
(c) Changing music
(d) Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream speech

7. What did Cleaver feel when he called Axelrod a bitch?
(a) Shame
(b) Jealousy
(c) Excitement
(d) Emptiness

8. What does Cleaver say he shares with Beverly?
(a) The ultimate love
(b) The same opinion
(c) Two children
(d) A deep soul

9. What does Cleaver think is the blacks' strengths?
(a) Their anger
(b) Their physical prowess
(c) Their sense of loyalty
(d) Their numbers

10. Which president does Cleaver say opposes sit-ins and teach-ins?
(a) Jimmy Carter
(b) John Kennedy
(c) Richard Nixon
(d) Lyndon Johnson

11. What kind of war does Cleaver say the Vietnam War is?
(a) A world war
(b) A strategic war
(c) A civil war
(d) A cold war

12. Where does Cleaver say humans climbed out from?
(a) An Icelandic volcano
(b) The sea
(c) A swap
(d) Primordial ooze

13. What is the title of this chapter?
(a) Fight the Power
(b) A Loving Spoonful
(c) As God is My Witness
(d) Blood of the Beast, Rallying Round the Flag

14. Why does Cleaver think the government is starting to hand African Americans equal rights?
(a) To create a good image
(b) To pacify the public
(c) For economic reasons
(d) To send a powerful message to USSR

15. What problem does Cleaver say the blacks have?
(a) White people
(b) Motivation
(c) Unity
(d) Goals

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Axelrod say Cleaver's flirtation may be based on?

2. Who used to pick fights with the old man?

3. What does Cleaver say the noble men of the past used to be like?

4. What does Cleaver say America thinks of itself collectively?

5. What does Cleaver think black men are brought up not to show?

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