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500 Words

Condense the book into 500 words.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about the Watt riots


Interview someone who can remember the civil right movements in the Sixties.


Write Cleaver's biography.

Short Story

Write a short story about Cleaver's life before he was jailed.

Front Cover

Design a front cover for the book including the blurb.

Controversial Opinions

Choose a subject that you are passionate about and write down your opinions about the subject, aiming to be as controversial as possible.


Write a dialogue that could have occurred between Malcolm X and Cleaver.


Communicate with a partner through letter writing only.

Guess the Person

Choose one of the people from the book and think about how he or she would look, walk and act in general. Find some clothes from home and bring them into class. The task is then to walk around the...

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