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Letters from Prison, On Becoming

• In June 18 1954, Eldridge Cleaver began a sentence in Folsom Prison for possession of marijuana.

• In prison, Cleaver became aware of his position as a "black in white America." He says he and other blacks were suddenly against everything that America represented.
• Cleaver talks about the things denied prisoners, including sex. He wanted to establish a system that would provide "salaried women" who would "minister to the needs" of male prisoners. Cleaver explains that his preoccupation on that point was due largely to his age.

• During this time Cleaver taped a "pin-up girl" on the wall of his cell. A guard ripped it down, and told him if he selected a black woman as a pin-up and he'd allow the poster to remain.

• Cleaver admits he is enamored with white women and calls it "a sickness." Cleaver says he began to believe it was...

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