Sorry, Wrong Number Short Essay - Answer Key

Lucille Fletcher
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1. What does Mrs. Stevenson's bedroom look like?

Ms. Stevenson's bedroom is furnished with expensive, and rather fussy furnishings. There is a large bed, where she lays. A lamp sits on a night table near the bed. On the night table are also a phone and some pill bottles. There is one window with closed curtains. There is a mantel with a clock on it.

2. What is Mrs. Stevenson doing as the curtain rises in Act I, Part 1?

As the curtain rises, Mrs. Stevenson is a dialing a number on the phone. She listens to the phone and then slams down the receiver. She reaches for a pill bottle, pours herself a glass of water, shakes out a pill, and swallows it. Then she reach for the phone and dials a number again.

3. What does Mrs. Stevenson tell the operator when she reaches her in Act I, Part 1?

When the operator answers, Mrs. Stevenson tells her that she has been dialing Murray Hill 4-0098 for three-quarters of an hour and that the line has been busy the entire time. She asks the operator to try the number for her.

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