Sorry, Wrong Number Fun Activities

Lucille Fletcher
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Movie: Sorry Wrong Number

Watch a movie version of the play.


Watch a video of a switchboard in use and how it is used to place calls.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask Lucille Fletcher, if you were able to interview her.


Write an obituary for Mrs. Stevenson.

Murder Suspects

With a group discuss the murder suspects and come to a conclusion as to who is the most likely person to have instigated the murder.

Sorry Wrong Number

With a group, reenact a scene or two from the play.

Murder Solved

Write another scene of the play that includes Sergeant Duffy's investigation into the murder and the arrest of a suspect.

Sorry Wrong Number: The Graphic Novel

Create a graphic novel based upon the play.

Telephone History

Find photographs of phones from the first phones to the cell phones of today. Create a...

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