Sorry, Wrong Number Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lucille Fletcher
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Essay Topic 1

The play is set up on a stage with different settings. Characters are relegated to small sections of the stage. In what way are the settings a backdrop for the play? In what way do the settings provide insight into characters, especially Mrs. Stevenson? What roles do the settings have in the play?

Essay Topic 2

The play was written in 1943. The plot of play is dependent upon how telephone calls were made in that time period. What elements of the play might be difficult for readers to understand? What elements are universal to all time periods? How does the fact that the play was written in 1943 affect readers and their understanding of the play?

Essay Topic 3

Mrs. Stevenson is the most developed character in the play. How do readers learn about the type of woman Mrs. Stevenson is? How is her character developed? What is learned...

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