Sorry, Wrong Number Character Descriptions

Lucille Fletcher
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Sergeant Duffy

This character works the night shift at Precinct 43, and he is more interested in his lunch than speaking.


This character is a hired killer, who murders an invalid.

Hospital Receptionist

This character answers the phone at a small, private, exclusive hospital.

Elbert Stevenson

This character is married to an invalid and goes on a business trip to Boston.

Mrs. Stevenson

This character is a neurotic invalid, who overhears a conversation between two men who are discussing the murder of a woman and discovers that she is the woman who is going to be murdered.

Miss Curtis

This is the chief operator at the phone company, and she convinces a woman who is concerned about a murder to call the police.

First Operator

This person works at the phone company and several times tries to connect a woman to Murray Hill 4-0098.

Second Operator

This person works...

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