Sorry, Wrong Number Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lucille Fletcher
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Act I, Part 1

• When the play begins, the stage is divided into three areas.

• The center section is the only one that is lit.

• It is Mrs. Stevenson’s bedroom, which has a bed, a phone, a nightstand, pill bottles, a mantel and a clock.

• Mrs. Stevenson is a cranky, neurotic woman, who is trying to dial a phone number.

• She puts down the phone as a train is heard in the background.

• She attempts her call again, and when she cannot reach her party, she dials the operator and asks her to try the number for her.

• Mrs. Stevenson tells the operator that she is trying to call Murray Hill 4-0098 and has been dialing that number for about 45 minutes.

• She tells the operator that it is the number for her husband’s office and that he is working late.

• The operator dials the number for her...

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