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Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the Major's first envelope from Hilde?

2. What book does Alberto buy for Sophie?

3. What do surrealists say about art?

4. What is Marx's solution to the society's impending collapse?

5. What is Berkeley's theory toward perceptions?

Short Essay Questions

1. Were you confused by Darwin's theory at all? Explain how you were or weren't.

2. English philosophers think that Man is like a blank blackboard and ready to take in data collected by the senses. Does this apply to Sophie's philosophical lessons? How?

3. In the Enlightenment period, there is an impulse toward mass education and cultural optimism. Do you see any traces of these beliefs in our culture today? How?

4. How does Hilde regard Sophie in the Bjerkely chapter? Why does she feel this way?

5. Does Marx's idea of a classless society sound appealing? Why?

6. Hume believes that ethics come from sentiments and customs. How does this belief apply to Alberto?

7. Freud analyzes dreams. What sort of dreams do people analyze today? Why would people want to analyze their dreams?

8. What is the author's tone toward Sophie and her mother in the Berkley chapter? Why?

9. Hilde still believes that Sophie and Alberto exist on some level. What is the author's attitude toward the subject? Why?

10. Are Hilde's plans for her father well designed? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Now that the book is completed, look back at the characters. Were they all believable from the beginning? Would you think differently of them now? Analyze how realistic and believable these characters are.

Essay Topic 2

What is ironic about the novel's title? What forms of irony are at play? As the book progresses, does the form of irony shift? How?

Essay Topic 3

How much do you think Alberto knows of the Major's interference in Sophie's life? Does he know from the beginning that Sophie is a character? Explain why and what clues show this.

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