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Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Arabs develop in the 1200s?

2. What does Anaximenes believe that everything comes from ?

3. What does Sophie take from the Major's cabin?

4. When Sophie returns from the Major's cabin soaking wet, what does Sophie's mother think?

5. What is Descartes' famous quote?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why were ancient people angry when they spoke to Socrates and he claimed not to know anything?

2. Sophie receives mail addressed to Hilde. Is she silly or foolish for opening this mail? Why?

3. Why does Alberto dress in costume to reflect his teachings? Does this enhance his lessons?

4. What is Sophie's den symbolic of? How?

5. Sophie recalls that time is different for the Major and HIlde, than for Sophie and Alberto. How would this exist?

6. What kind of teacher is Alberto? Why?

7. Why would Sophie's banana have a birthday greeting on the inside?

8. Are the postcard that is addressed to Hilde, and Alberto's decision to teach Sophie in person, connected? Why?

9. What did Sophie learn from working with Legos in connection to Democritus?

10. Why would Sophie not go with Joanna after classes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Alberto teach Sophie these philosophy lessons? Was it for personal gain or as a selfless act?

Essay Topic 2

The overlap of philosophy and religion in the book is a common debate in our culture. How great is the overlap in the book? Does Sophie react to this debate? Is her reaction realistic? Why?

1) Include at least three solid examples to explain how these topics overlap.

2) Comment on Sophie's reaction to this overlap. Is her reaction to the specific examples realistic?

Essay Topic 3

Find the most descriptive, all-encompassing and honest quote from the novel. Why is this quote so central to the meaning of this novel? Analyze your quote and provide reasons why this quote is so meaningful.

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