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Short Answer Questions

1. In a Baroque work by Holberg, what question is posed?

2. What comprises Sophie's myth?

3. What is Descartes' famous quote?

4. Why does Alberto begin teaching Sophie in person?

5. What do philosophers keep that babies have and adults lose?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do people today, as the Greeks did, believe in fate or predestination? What are examples?

2. What is Sophie's den symbolic of? How?

3. How are Hilde and the Major connected to Sophie, as known by Chapter 13? Why?

4. What is an example of the Indo-European view of history concerning cycles of history that start over again?

5. Sophie immediately thinks about the first question, "Who are you?" How does this indirectly characterize her?

6. Why does Sophie continue to do this homework, even though it is not required of her?

7. Why is it important that Sophie designed her own myth?

8. Why would Hermes growl at Sophie when she follows him? Is this characteristic of a dog? Why?

9. When Sophie sees the large board with the word "Hilde" on it, does this foreshadow who "Hilde' is?

10. What did Sophie learn from working with Legos in connection to Democritus?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Find the most descriptive, all-encompassing and honest quote from the novel. Why is this quote so central to the meaning of this novel? Analyze your quote and provide reasons why this quote is so meaningful.

Essay Topic 2

Evaluate all of the narrators. Which narrator do you prefer? Why?

Essay Topic 3

As the novel closes, what is Hilde's opinion of her father? Did this experience bring them closer or hurt their relationship? Why?

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