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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jesus say that he wants to bring to the whole world?

2. What is 'Plato's Dialogues'?

3. How does Plato use math and geometry?

4. What is significant about the postmark of the postcard that is from the Major to Hilde?

5. When Sophie is in the Major's cabin, what reflects back at her from the mirror?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is it important that Sophie designed her own myth?

2. Sophie immediately thinks about the first question, "Who are you?" How does this indirectly characterize her?

3. Are the postcard that is addressed to Hilde, and Alberto's decision to teach Sophie in person, connected? Why?

4. When Sophie sees another girl in mirror who winks back at her with both eyes, what does this foreshadow?

5. Why were ancient people angry when they spoke to Socrates and he claimed not to know anything?

6. Epicureans believe in seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Is this a theme of the novel? Why?

7. Why does Sophie continue to do this homework, even though it is not required of her?

8. Why would Sophie's banana have a birthday greeting on the inside?

9. What is Sophie's den symbolic of? How?

10. Holberg's play poses the question 'How does a person know which is reality and which is a dream'? What does this foreshadow in relation to Sophie?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Now that the book is completed, look back at the characters. Were they all believable from the beginning? Would you think differently of them now? Analyze how realistic and believable these characters are.

Essay Topic 2

Look at the cartoon and imaginary characters throughout the book. What role do they play? How are they connected to the chapters and philosophies they are mentioned in? Is their inclusion an effective technique?

Essay Topic 3

Find the most descriptive, all-encompassing and honest quote from the novel. Why is this quote so central to the meaning of this novel? Analyze your quote and provide reasons why this quote is so meaningful.

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