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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As part of his philosophy, what does Kierkegaard map out?
(a) The way God wants humans to behave.
(b) Three life stages and the people in those stages.
(c) The way the world will end.
(d) Four stages the universe took in development.

2. What is the role of a philosopher, according to Hegel?
(a) To feed and clothe those in need.
(b) To be the mirror that reflects the ideas of his or her own time.
(c) To teach those that are discouraged.
(d) To question all that come to him.

3. Why does Sophie become anxious while waiting for Alberto at a French cafe?
(a) Sophie doesn't have any money.
(b) Alberto threatened to run away.
(c) Sophie fears the Major took Alberto away.
(d) Alberto is 20 minutes late.

4. How does Alberto plan to escape the Major's story?
(a) By leaving Sophie behind.
(b) With bribery and trickery.
(c) Between the lines of the book.
(d) Alberto abandons this idea.

5. What does Kant concern himself with?
(a) How people choose to follow or ignore society's rules.
(b) When people leave their parents to explore the world.
(c) What people can know about the world, through either reason or sense perception.
(d) Who begins traditions that others rebel against.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Hilde discover her father will be when she seeks revenge?

2. According to Freud, why do women suffer from various neuroses?

3. What information does Hilde find in the encyclopedia about George Berkeley?

4. What situation does Alberto apply Hume's argument to?

5. Why does Sophie laugh at the Emperor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the author's tone toward Sophie and her mother in the Berkley chapter? Why?

2. What examples of natural selection do you know of?

3. Why does the old woman take Sophie and Alberto to the storybook character's camp?

4. Why does Hilde get angry when her father orders her to finish the book before his return?

5. Why does Sophie become shocked when she sees "Sophie's World" on a bookshelf?

6. Sartre believes that freedom is a sort of curse, because freedom forces Man to make choices without guidelines. Is this applicable to Sophie's life? How?

7. In the Enlightenment period, there is an impulse toward mass education and cultural optimism. Do you see any traces of these beliefs in our culture today? How?

8. Do you think the Major and Hilde are characters within a book, like a dream within a dream within a dream? Why?

9. Hilde still believes that Sophie and Alberto exist on some level. What is the author's attitude toward the subject? Why?

10. Were you confused by Darwin's theory at all? Explain how you were or weren't.

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