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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sophie feel toward drug use?
(a) Drugs kill brain cells.
(b) Drugs make people duller.
(c) Drugs provide new opportunities.
(d) Drugs increase awareness.

2. After Sophie first tries to find her philosopher, how does Sophie's philosopher avoid her seeing him?
(a) He doesn't use the mailbox, but rather the steps.
(b) He stops corresponding with her as a warning.
(c) He sends the correspondence to Sophie's school.
(d) Hermes begins hand delivering the messages.

3. Why does Alberto begin teaching Sophie in person?
(a) The lessons become more complicated.
(b) He needs to travel with her.
(c) He is tired of writing her lessons.
(d) Hilde's father is coming.

4. What question does Sophie ask herself as she looks in the mirror after she reads her first note?
(a) Why was she placed here?
(b) Would she be a different person if she had a different name?
(c) Where should she go next?
(d) Would her parents love her if she was a boy?

5. What is Spinoza's philosophy?
(a) The philosopher need only go where he can help.
(b) The philosopher and the student are of equal standing.
(c) The philosopher is part of the whole universe and all time.
(d) The philosopher must die a martyr.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Sophie live?

2. What lesson with the topic of Plato and Socrates is presented?

3. What does the note say inside Sophie's second envelope?

4. What does Empedocles believe plays a role in bringing things together?

5. What does the introductory letter to Philosophy say?

Short Essay Questions

1. Are the postcard that is addressed to Hilde, and Alberto's decision to teach Sophie in person, connected? Why?

2. Why were ancient people angry when they spoke to Socrates and he claimed not to know anything?

3. What would be an example of Parmenides' beliefs in Sophie's life?

4. Why would ancient people make up such elaborate stories to explain how their world works?

5. Why is it important that Sophie designed her own myth?

6. Sophie recalls that time is different for the Major and HIlde, than for Sophie and Alberto. How would this exist?

7. When Sophie sees another girl in mirror who winks back at her with both eyes, what does this foreshadow?

8. Is Sophie's mother's reaction to her daughter's studies and new attitude realistic? Why?

9. What is an example of the Indo-European view of history concerning cycles of history that start over again?

10. Characterize Sophie's religion teacher when she questioned Sophie's answers on a test.

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