Sophie's World Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Sophie receives mail addressed to Hilde. Is she silly or foolish for opening this mail? Why?

Sophie is silly for opening the mail. She is a bit naive in thinking that other people would not get mad if she opened their mail. Everyone should have privacy with their correspondences and thoughts. Plus, it is against the law to open other people's mail, because privacy is expected.

2. Why does Sophie continue to do this homework, even though it is not required of her?

Sophie finds the subject interesting. Philosophy applies to her life and she has many questions. Sophie seems to do well in school, so it is realistic that she would do something that was not required.

3. Sophie immediately thinks about the first question, "Who are you?" How does this indirectly characterize her?

People are multi-layered. Sophie begins applying this question to her life and thinking about her friends and her thoughts. Her thoughts show that she is a thinker and smart.

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