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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30, Darwin.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sophie follows Hermes, how does the dog react?
(a) Runs very fast.
(b) Fakes sleep.
(c) Growls and escapes.
(d) Licks her.

2. What is the individual's role in the Enlightenment philosophy?
(a) To ponder existence.
(b) To ponder life's struggles.
(c) To question nothing.
(d) To question authority.

3. Overall, what are the philosophers of the Baroque period like?
(a) Extreme idealists.
(b) Conservative realists.
(c) Enlightened classists.
(d) Mediocre students.

4. After Sophie returns home from meeting Alberto, what does she see in the mirror?
(a) Her mother and grandmother.
(b) Two girls, face to face.
(c) Her reflection, with another girl behind.
(d) The Major and Hilde.

5. What does Hilde think of Sophie and Alberto?
(a) They manipulate her.
(b) They were never real.
(c) They exist on some level.
(d) They are just as real as she.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Greeks' criticism of Nordic Gods?

2. What do the envelopes have in common?

3. Who are the Sophists?

4. According to Anaxagoras, what are seeds?

5. What does Hilde's mother admit to Hilde concerning a belonging?

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