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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Hellenism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Plato believe is immortal?
(a) A human soul.
(b) Nature.
(c) Animals.
(d) A human body.

2. What do the Epicureans believe?
(a) In material possessions.
(b) In working hard and avoiding trouble.
(c) In seeking pleasure and avoiding pain.
(d) In forgiveness and volunteerism.

3. How does Sophie surprise Joanna after they finish classes?
(a) Sophie is so intrigued by Philosophy that she does not want to play cards or badminton.
(b) Joanna tries to make weekend plans, but Sophie ignores her and hurts her feelings.
(c) Sophie admits to skipping school to read her new book.
(d) Sophie attempts to coerce Joanna into cheating with her on a test.

4. How does Sophie answer the questions on her religious knowledge exam?
(a) She recites material from her religious text.
(b) She makes up answers.
(c) She refuses to answer such mundane questions.
(d) She uses her philosophical knowledge.

5. When Sophie's mother sees her playing with Legos, what does Sophie tell her mother?
(a) That she misses her younger years.
(b) That she is doing homework.
(c) That she is having a hard time right now.
(d) That she is doing an experiment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What grade does the teacher give Sophie on her religious knowledge test?

2. How does Sophie feel toward drug use?

3. According to the top hat metaphor, what are philosophers?

4. What does Plato believe human beings get caught in?

5. Who designed the first Academy?

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