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3 Clover Close

This is where Sophie's home by the edge of the woods is located.

The Den

This is a hole in the hedgegrow in Sophie's backyard where she goes to be alone.

Sophie's room

This location is where Sophie reads and hangs the antique mirror.

The Major's Cabin

This place, by a lake, behind Sophie's house, is where some lectures take place.

The White Rabbit

This object is a metaphor for the universe and an allusion to Alice in Wonderland.

Hermes, the dog

This character delivers letters and talks to Sophie once.

The Antique Mirror

This object, in the cabin, reflects Sophie and Hilde.

Hilde's Golden Crucifix

This object is lost by Hilde, but found by Sophie.

The Norwegian UN Mission in Lebanon

This object is a peacekeeping force in the Middle East.

New Square, the Old Town

This place is where Alberto has an attic apartment...

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