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I do solemnly...

In Chapter 6, the Hippocratic Oath is mentioned. What is this? Are there any other professions that require officers to take oaths? What are examples? What is the history behind these offices? Find at least two other examples and provide answers for these questions.

Romantic News

Research the romantic period a bit more. Write a newspaper article informing the public about a portion of Sophie's life, as if it is the romantic time period.


In chapter 5, Alberto tells Sophie that Lego is the most ingenious toy. Sophie begins to build with Legos. Build something with Legos that symbolizes an important substance in your world. Write a few sentences as an explanation for your creation.

Backlash at the Major

Create a poster that Hilde's friend would have made for her father. It should be realistic, in color and be a message that was not in the...

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