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Essay Topic 1

Sophie immediately begins her Philosophy assignments. Is it odd for a young girl to do this extra work when she does not know who sends it to her? Why? How does this indicate from the beginning that the novel will be a mix of the ordinary and bizarre?

Essay Topic 2

As the story continues, Sophie and even Hilde recognize they are substitutes or symbols for each other.

1) Examine some of the similarities between the Sophie and Hilde, and between Alberto Knox and Albert Knag. Look at more than just the appearances by including their attitudes and thoughts.

2) Did the Major model Sophie after Hilde? Support your answer with evidence from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Many times, the Major manipulates Sophie in odd ways that seem unnecessary for his story. Such examples include hiding Hilde's crucifix and putting a birthday message inside a banana peel. Why would...

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