Sophie's World Character Descriptions

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Sophie Amundsen

This character studies the ancient Greek philosophers through the Middle Ages and learns she is a character in a book.

Alberto Knox

This character is a philosophy teacher who often dresses according to the lesson.

Hilde Moller Knag

This character receives a book written by her father for her fifteenth birthday.

Major Albert Knag

This character writes a book on philosophy for his daughter.

Mrs. Helene Amundsen

This character is a mother who cares about her child's education.

Joanna Ingebrigtsen

This character often plays games with a friend after school and helps plan the Philosophical Garden party.

Mr. Ingebrigtsen

This character is a well-to-do banker and crashes his Mercedes during the Philosophical Garden Party.

Mrs. Ingebrigtsen

This character acts and dresses like a Barbie doll.

Mr. Amundsen

This character is away at sea and sees his family very seldom.


This character receives a kiss at...

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