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Chapter 1, The Garden of Eden

• Sophie receives two letters.

• Each letter gives philosophical questions for Sophie to ponder.
• Sophie considers these questions and also thinks about her father.

• Her mailbox has a letter that is addressed to Hilde Knag.

Chapter 2: The Top Hat

• Sophie goes to her den to read another letter.

• Sophie's mother begins to worry about her changed attitude.

Chapter 3: the Myths

• Sophie receives another lesson about the beginning of ancient philosophy--mythology.

• Sophie creates her own myth.

Chapter 4, the Natural Philosophers

• Sophie's mother mistakes her Philosophy lessons for love letters.

• Sophie's lesson covers the first known philosophers from the ancient Greek world.

Chapter 5, Democritus and Chapter 6, Fate

• Sophie studies Democritus who believes atoms build up the substance of matter.

• Sophie tries to find her teacher but receives a letter warning her not to do so.

• Sophie finds a red scarf with the name "Hilde" on it...

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