Sophie's Choice Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Stingo - He is the narrator and the only one of the three main characters to have survived their association. He is a fitting narrator for Sophie's story, since she is the only one in her family who survived the Holocaust.

Nathan Landau - His intelligence, culture, charm, and family money would have allowed him to become anything he wanted in life. But his mind is emotionally disturbed.

Sophie Zawistowski - Her beautiful face was the type on which men projected their own dreams. Her father and husband both tried to make her into a vapidly efficient German fräulein; the woman of their dreams, not hers.

Farrell - This man is senior editor at McGraw-Hill. A good-natured Irishman who hated his job and felt disillusioned by life.

The Weasel - The new editor-in-chief who fires Stingo from his post at McGraw-Hill early in the novel.


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