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Chapter 1

• Chapter 1 discusses the events surrounding Stingo's move from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

• No one calls him Stingo anymore, but he was known in the late spring of 1947 as Stingo, when the events of this narration begin.

• Stingo was initially thrilled to be working for the publishing firm of McGraw-Hill & Company.

• His job was to review manuscripts submitted by other aspiring authors. But Stingo found himself hating his nine-to-five job.

• He describes his unsuccessful efforts to write, alone at night, in his tiny, cheap, cubby-hole of an apartment in the Village.
• Stingo has a strong sexual and social drive but knows no one in the city.

• He peeps out his tiny window at an upscale home across the way fantasizing about the woman who lives in that home.

• He finally moves from that apartment. He gets a new editor who tries to force him to conform to company policies...

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