Sophie & Carter Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Chelsea Fine
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Chapters 1-4

• Sophie is late for English, her least favorite class, when she sees Carter in the hall and stops to flirt with him.
• Carter and Sophie are neighbors and best friends, but usually pretend not to know each other at school. They only flirt now because nobody is around.
• Carter always walks behind Sophie on their way home from school, and even though they never talk, he feels abandoned when she isn't there.
• Sophie drops a note for Carter to pick up on his way to his house. Carter loves that she tries to bring him happiness before he has to face his mother.
• Sophie's mother is a prostitute and a drug addict, and is away from the house for weeks at a time. Sophie contacts her only when she needs money.

• Sophie has to be the mother in her house, and tries to keep everything going...

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