Sons and Lovers Character Descriptions

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Baxter Dawes - This character is thirty-two-years-old and is moody, argumentative, and has been fired from his job for fighting.

Clara Dawes - This character is estranged from her spouse and is childless, blonde, and a supporter of women's rights.

Mr. Heaton - This character is a congregational clergyman.

Thomas Jordan - This character owns a factory.

Miriam Leivers - This character is serious, self-conscious, and prudish.

Annie Morel - This character is a tomboy who becomes a teacher.

Arthur Morel - This character joins the army but ends up hating it.

Paul Morel - This character is the protagonist of the second half of the novel.

Walter Morel - This character is a coal miner who is rugged and practical.

William Morel - This character moves to London as an adult and finds a good job.

Jerry Purdy - This character is the best friend and...

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