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The Early Married Life of the Morels

• Mrs. Morel has been married for 8 years but has only been happy for 6 months.

• Mrs. Morel is pregnant with her third child and is not happy about it.

• Mr. Morel is an alcoholic and in a drunken state, locks Mrs. Morel out of the house for a while.

The Birth of Paul and Another Battle

• Mr. Morel tries to apologize to Mrs. Morel for locking her out of the house but she does not accept it.

• Mrs. Morel gives birth to Paul and vows to make it up to him for not wanting him in the first place.

• Mrs. Morel finds friendship only in Mr. Heaton, the minister and Paul's godfather.

• Mr. Morel has stolen money from Mrs. Morel's purse so that he can drink.

The Casting off of Morel - The Taking on of William

• Mr. Morel becomes ill and...

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