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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the drunk and crazy tenant that waves around a shotgun and a wad of cash?
(a) Milkman
(b) Guitar
(c) Robert
(d) Porter

2. What is the goal of the organization?
(a) To keep the playing field even
(b) There is no goal
(c) To begin to take over the town
(d) To kill others

3. What is Guitar drinking?
(a) Vodka
(b) Rum
(c) Nothing alcoholic
(d) Gin and tonic

4. What does Hagar want to do in response to Milkman's breakup?
(a) Move away
(b) Find a new man
(c) Nothing
(d) Kill him

5. Who scares Macon away from the cave and hinders him from leaving with the item in #82?
(a) Police
(b) Circe
(c) A group of hunters
(d) Pilate

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Empire State like to hang out?

2. Who is the one person for whom Milkman does not buy a Christmas present?

3. Where does Macon say he will meet later with Milkman?

4. Who walks into the rental office as Milkman is finishing up work?

5. Where does the family take its weekly drive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Guitar leave Milkman alone, even though Guitar is certain Hagar is coming to kill him?

2. What is wrong with Mercy Hospital that it has been given a not-so-flattering nickname?

3. Why does Milkman decide to travel to Danville?

4. Who are the women that sing together that have such beautiful voices?

5. What is Hagar's reaction to Milkman's breakup letter?

6. What is the surprise Milkman encounters when he goes to Susan Byrd's house?

7. What does Pilate do when she realizes Guitar and Milkman have stolen the green bag?

8. What is the cause of Guitar's new and strange habits?

9. What does First Corinthians think has caused her lack of luck with men and marriage?

10. What makes Macon excited as Milkman is arguing his point in #25?

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