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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the subject of the song that the children are singing?
(a) Susan
(b) Milkman
(c) Solomon
(d) Ruth

2. Who has spoiled Hagar?
(a) Milkman
(b) Pilate and Reba
(c) Milkman and Guitar
(d) Pilate and Macon

3. What does the new job holder say the job is in order to save face?
(a) Secretary
(b) Maid
(c) Paralegal
(d) Lawyer

4. What does Guitar need in order to accomplish his goal?
(a) Water
(b) Bullets
(c) A knife
(d) Money

5. Who leavesJake in either a white man's house or an Indian's house?
(a) Milkman
(b) Guitar
(c) Solomon
(d) Macon

6. Who is Susan's aunt?
(a) Sing
(b) Circe
(c) Ruth
(d) Lena

7. According to the hunting men, who is related to Sing, Milkman's grandmother?
(a) Circe
(b) Marguerite Jones
(c) Susan Byrd
(d) Grace Foster

8. What does Milkman use to fight off the other man?
(a) A broken bottle
(b) A gun
(c) A knife
(d) His wits

9. What does Milkman do once he enters the ruined house?
(a) Laughs
(b) Vomits
(c) Prays
(d) Calls out

10. Why does Guitar warn Milkman about his impending death?
(a) He was told to
(b) He likes to tease his victims
(c) He thinks they are still friends
(d) He doesn't really know why

11. Where does Milkman believe Old Macon was buried?
(a) In a graveyard
(b) In a riverbed
(c) In a cave
(d) In a field

12. Why can't Rev. Cooper take Milkman where he wants to go?
(a) His car is in the shop
(b) He doesn't want to
(c) He doesn't know how to get there
(d) He can't ride with blacks

13. Who gives Hagar a ride home after the incident in #145?
(a) Guitar
(b) Reba
(c) Milkman
(d) Pilate

14. To where does Milkman decide to drive?
(a) Shalimar
(b) Danville
(c) Cleveland
(d) Dayton

15. Where is Milkman headed when he runs into Guitar?
(a) Grace's
(b) Susan's
(c) Sweet's
(d) Circe's

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Sing's ethnicity?

2. What do Pilate and Reba give to Hagar at the end of the chapter?

3. When does Guitar want to steal from Pilate?

4. What does Hagar not buy?

5. What is the real name of Milkman's grandfather?

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