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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hagar's relationship to Milkman?
(a) Aunt
(b) Cousin
(c) Brother
(d) Friend

2. Who prevented Macon from attempting to miscarry Milkman when he was in the womb?
(a) Ruth
(b) Pilate
(c) Rena
(d) Circe

3. What does Milkman throw his father into?
(a) A bush
(b) A cellar
(c) The wall
(d) A radiator

4. Who does Pilate tell Ruth she believes will save Milkman's life one day?
(a) A woman
(b) A man
(c) A baby
(d) A reverend

5. What does Milkman realize as Hagar tries to kill him and fails?
(a) That she is only teasing
(b) That she is blind
(c) That she is insane
(d) That she cannot kill him

6. Who is Milkman's best friend?
(a) Macon
(b) Sweets
(c) Guitar Bains
(d) Lena

7. What does Macon reveal about Ruth's relationship with her father?
(a) She killed him
(b) It seemed to be incestuous
(c) It was not very close
(d) It was abusive

8. What is Guitar's advice to Milkman regarding his father?
(a) Kill him
(b) Forget about it
(c) Nothing
(d) His father is just an idiot

9. What is another name for the hospital in the story?
(a) No Mercy Hospital
(b) No Blacks Allowed
(c) Far From Helpful Hospital
(d) No Name Hospital

10. Which of Milkman's legs is shorter than the other?
(a) Neither is shorter
(b) It's his left arm that is shorter, not his leg.
(c) Right
(d) Left

11. Who is one of the members of this organization that eventually cannot not take it?
(a) Porter
(b) Circe
(c) Macon
(d) Robert Smith

12. What is Guitar drinking?
(a) Rum
(b) Nothing alcoholic
(c) Vodka
(d) Gin and tonic

13. What did Ruth hope she and Milkman would have?
(a) Their own room
(b) A house together
(c) No relationship at all
(d) A special bond

14. Who has Milkman been sleeping with for some time?
(a) Pilate
(b) Hagar
(c) Reba
(d) Susan

15. What is the date at the beginning of this story?
(a) March 2, 1931
(b) February 13, 1931
(c) December 23, 1931
(d) February 18, 1931

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Milkman's mother say she was wearing when she was kneeling next to her dead father?

2. Who scares Macon away from the cave and hinders him from leaving with the item in #82?

3. What did Pilate use to protect Ruth and her unborn son?

4. What is the name of the organization of which Guitar is a part?

5. Which of these is not one of the rules of Guitar's organization?

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